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Amazon Career Choice CDL Training

Creating Opportunities for Career Advancement in the Transportation Sector.

Learn More So You Can Earn More!

SAGE is excited to be an Amazon Career Choice partner for truck driver training! Our mission is to help you obtain a CDL so you can transition to a high-paying career in trucking, one of America’s essential and in-demand service industries. Whether you want to work in trucking locally or over the road, or just get your CDL so you have more employment options, SAGE and Amazon Career Choice can help you build your skills for the future you want.

“The amount of knowledge and experience shared from your staff in this field has been invaluable. It has also provided me the ability to feel confident in a tractor trailer truck…”
– George R, Ft Pierce, FL

About Amazon’s Career Choice CDL Program:

Career Choice is a benefit provided by Amazon to qualified Associates.  The program is designed to expand on the employment opportunities available to Associates by providing them with the resources and job skills for the most in-demand and well-paying jobs, whether that’s at Amazon or in another industry.   The transportation industry – especially truck driving – is an in-demand field with great opportunities for those with a CDL!

About SAGE Truck Driver Training:

SAGE Truck Driving Schools has delivered nationwide, top quality, comprehensive professional truck driver training to thousands of students across the country since 1989.  With 25 locations across the U.S., we offer much more than training to get your CDL license or pass the CDL test.  We offer a pathway to a business sector that involves 1/10th of the entire U.S. economy: Transportation.

The SAGE Difference:

At SAGE, every student receives extensive training to prepare for a career in the trucking industry.  Our unique “One Student per Truck” instruction behind the wheel, is what sets us apart from the competition.  Plus, SAGE offers flexible scheduling, online learning options, job placement assistance, and a team that wants you to succeed!   We produce top quality drivers, and the nation’s largest employers know this, so in-demand jobs are waiting for you.  New, entry-level drivers can start earning up to $50,000 a year plus benefits.  Let SAGE help you get on the road to success!

We Thought You’d Never Ask!
(Answers to questions a lot of people have)

What is involved in CDL Training with SAGE?

SAGE’s CDL training program is designed to meet the federal CDL Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) standards. In order to get a CDL, you must complete an ELDT CDL training program at an approved school like SAGE. Our truck driver training program is focused on giving you the skills you need like backing, city driving, coupling, turns, defensive driving, vehicle inspection and much more. SAGE’s program includes the theory of driving a large truck, but also many hours of hands-on driving that help you prepare for the CDL test.

What does the Program include, and how long does it take?

SAGE’s program is designed to move quickly so you can take the CDL test and get to work earning money.  Training includes instructor-led classroom training and online learning resources that cover many interesting topics such as backing theory, shifting a 10 speed truck, night driving safety, air brakes, mountain driving, and many more.  All the theory topics are ELDT requirements.

CDL training also includes “truck labs” that help students practice important steps for vehicle safety inspections.  Students learn over 100 items that need to be checked on a tractor-trailer.  Labs can also include how to couple and uncouple a tractor-trailer, the operation of truck air brakes, chaining tires for snow and ice, and other pre-driving checks that help keep drivers safe.

But the heart of the training is in the truck, hands on the steering wheel!   Drivers will learn real world backing into tight spaces, local road driving and highway traffic.  And all road driving is 1 on 1.

At the end of training, you will be scheduled for a CDL test, which is administered by a tester in your state.  You will use a SAGE truck for the test.

Altogether, training is 150-160 hours.  A full time student normally completes in 3-5 weeks.  We recommend you focus on your training once the program begins.  Big time gaps between your hands-on sessions should be avoided since learning to drive a truck requires continual practice (or else the skills you learn can be lost with time).

Being the only one in the truck (along with the Instructor) while on my road drives, really made a huge difference for me. I’m a quick study, but very much a “hands on” learner. While other schools have up to 4 people in a truck, SAGE’s One on One approach was a game changer for me. I was never distracted, and asking questions was easy in that setting. I highly recommend SAGE for many reasons, but this one major difference alone is worth it.
– Bob R, Owner / Operator

How are CDL training classes scheduled?

At SAGE, we know that you work for Amazon, and your job is important to you.  So we do our best to make scheduling as easy as possible.

Online learning is available for SAGE students through ProDriverU to help reduce the amount of time spent in a classroom.  ProDriverU is self-paced so you can take your time and do the lessons from anywhere, on any compatible device.   The systems tracks your progress and keeps all your scores (and you can test as much as you like to increase your scores!).

Classroom training is usually not more than 5 days, and most SAGE schools start every Monday.  We will work with you to complete all theory training.

Driving sessions in the truck are all individually scheduled in 4 hour blocks, and can take place on our “driving range” where you practice backing, or on public roads.

What does the Job Landscape look like for CDL Drivers?

You work for Amazon, so you know how important transportation and logistics is in America.  If you order from Amazon, chances are a truck is involved in moving the product.  Trucking is one of the country’s top in-demand jobs!  Consider these facts from the American Trucking Association:

Whether you want to drive trucks locally, regionally or over-the-road, SAGE will assist in learning about the trucking industry, evaluating employment options in transportation, and completing new truck driver applications. 

SAGE has a huge job placement network, with many employers who could offer you a driving position.  Our placement assistance advisers will connect you with recruiters and the application process.  We will help you evaluate potential employers, including benefits, pay, bonus packages, equipment and home time. Then we will assist you in evaluating any offers you receive.

 Our goal is to help all of our graduates with job placement assistance during the truck driver training program. That’s because the best trucking companies are looking for the highest quality students. They know that a better trained employee will be more responsible, more productive, and safer.

There has never been a better time to have a CDL.  The demand for commercial truck drivers is at an all-time high, and growing.  High demand = High paying jobs and competitive benefit packages. 

SAGE was exactly what I needed to confidently start with a major carrier like Werner Enterprises. Their recruiter was helpful from the beginning, and was very up front about their trust in SAGE graduates. What I find truly remarkable was how quickly I was able to turn my entire life around, thanks to SAGE and Werner Enterprises. Within a few months of losing my job, due to COVID, I was actively working for one of the best companies in the US, in a whole new career. Not sure that could have happened any other way for me.
– Samantha J, Werner Enterprises

How much money can I make as a Truck Driver?

According to – the average salary for a truck driver in the United States is over $71,000 annually (based on wages and salaries reported and updated continually by Indeed).   Entry-level truck drivers usually start off in their first year up to $60,000 per year.

Truck drivers earn based upon miles driven or by the load, so trucker wages can vary based upon quite a few factors.  But the opportunities for truck drivers in the U.S. are huge. There are many different types of jobs, great benefits, and awesome, new modern trucks.

Trucking also provides big opportunities for advancement in the industry.  Drivers with some experience can buy a truck and go into business for themselves, or shift to local routes that have great home time.  And there are many positions in trucking that are open to drivers who want to head up the career ladder: become a driver trainer, safety manager, dispatcher, shipper salesman, recruiter, driver manager, route planner, and many more.

The bottom line is we want you to succeed as a transportation professional!

Where are SAGE Schools located?

SAGE has 21 schools across the country, and most participate as Amazon Career Choice partner schools.

Check on our web site to see whether a SAGE school is near you. This map is a starting point.

How much does SAGE CDL training cost?

Amazon Career Choice pays for 100% of the SAGE CDL training tuition (up to $5,250).  Associates are only responsible for certain fees, like a drug screen, Department of Transportation (DOT, medical exam, and basic state CDL licensing and test fees.   These fees can vary by state and location, but your SAGE school staff will help you!  SAGE’s program tuition is $5,250

Do I need a CDL Permit before I start?

Yes, you will need to get your CDL Commercial Learner’s Permit (CDL permit or CLP) before you start training.  But don’t worry, SAGE will help! 

A CLP is issued by the state where you have a Driver’s License.  To get a CLP, you simply take a few written tests at your local DMV office.  For a tractor-trailer driver, there are just 3 tests: CDL General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Combination Vehicles.

SAGE uses as a way to help you learn all you need to know to pass the written tests.  It is free and you can start right now! 

OK, so how do I get started?

  1. Login to the Career Choice site and apply for a voucher for SAGE’s CDL program;
  2. Contact your local HR staff if you need help;
  3. Print and bring your Voucher to the closest SAGE school;
  4. Arrange for a DOT physical exam and drug screen so you know you meet qualifications; SAGE can provide specific directions and help arrange for your payment;
  5. Confirm admissions qualifications and enroll in the SAGE program;
  6. Use ProDriverU to help study for your CDL Permit (you need a permit from your state to start training); SAGE can help with specific directions;
  7. Talk to the school staff about start dates and scheduling;
  8. Start training
  9. Take your CDL Test
  10. Get a great job, earn a lot of money, and become really successful (we hope!)

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