A change in consumer buying habits from the retail shopping experience to goods that require more shipping is just one of many things that has caused a spike in truck driving demand.  Growing need for inventory restocking has also increased significantly in warehouses across the US.

Here are a few other factors that are adding to the demand:

  • An increase in retirements among older drivers, due to concerns about COVID-19.
  • An increase in veteran drivers preferring to work closer to home and be home nightly.
  • Rapid growth in ecommerce, creating the need for tens of thousands of local delivery drivers, siphoning off the pool of long haul drivers.
  • The disqualification of an estimated 30,000 drivers as a result the new Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse.

What does this mean and how does it impact the recruitment of new drivers?
The increased demand is pushing carriers to continually increase driver pay and benefits to attract the drivers they need.

According to Indeed.com – The average base salary for a Commercial Truck Diver (Updated Oct 10, 2020) is $69,199.

This increase in pay, due to demand is not entirely new.  The driver shortage issue has been looming over the industry for over a decade.  What is new is that the freight market is helping carriers afford to boost pay for the first time in a long time.  According to a recent article in Transport Topics there’s been a pretty dramatic firming of the rate environment.  In April, it was down on the order of 25% year-over-year in spot rates. Currently, spot rates are up about 17%.  This rate increase is what carriers needed to help afford and attract drivers.

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