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CDL Training Requirements

The Sage Truck Driving Schools admissions process is simple and straightforward. All applicants are required to complete an enrollment application, provide a copy of a valid driver’s license and a copy of a physical examination on a DOT form (available at the school). Students must be able to pass a drug screen if administered. Driving records will be thoroughly reviewed to identify any disqualifying violations. Applicants who satisfy these criteria are asked to sign an enrollment agreement.

Students must also register with the FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse as soon as they have their CDL permit.

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Speak to an Advisor

Your SAGE advisor will explain training programs and graduation requirements, as well as provide information about the professional trucking industry, job placement assistance and statistics, the costs of training, financing available, and more.

Submit an Application

Once you’ve decided that SAGE is right for you, submit your application online. SAGE will review it and contact you for an interview.

Interview for Admission

A school staff member will interview applicants for admission through a personal interview or a telephone interview for those who cannot visit the school in person. Applicants are encouraged to visit in person.

Enroll at SAGE

If you are accepted for admission to a SAGE school, congratulations! You are ready to enroll in your chosen course(s). The staff at SAGE is here to assist you choose your path to a new career.

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