The shortage of qualified truck drivers has become one of the most pressing operational and financial issues for most trucking companies. Whether your company is a truckload over-the-road carrier, an LTL company, or a private truck fleet, SAGE CDL training for trucking companies and fleets can be a solution.

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Our training programs have worked for major trucking companies and fleets:

  • SAGE is the exclusive training provider to the world’s largest overnight express package delivery company. SAGE’s highly qualified instructors provide training based on company policies and curriculum. SAGE provides the training at our facilities, as well as offsite at the customer’s terminals, delivering a flow of qualified drivers trained to the high standards set by the company.
  • Customized SAGE driver training to the major worldwide leader in parcel package delivery services. SAGE provides proven training that helps drivers get the training they need, so the customer can focus on parcel delivery, providing bottom line results.
  • SAGE is a national training provider for leading truckload carriers. Truckload carriers struggle to find drivers due to difficult lifestyle issues facing their drivers. SAGE offers a solution by managing a full-service recruiting and training program sponsored by the company. SAGE helps to fill driver needs in critical areas so the customer can focus on delivering results to shippers.
  • SAGE is a national Class A CDL training provider for one of the international leaders in soft drinks and beverages. SAGE developed a program that provides comprehensive truck driver training to employees of customers from non-driving jobs to tractor-trailer drivers. The customer identifies and approves candidates and invests their training, improving retention, and guaranteeing future driver resources.

The fact is that trucking companies are hiring from a limited – and shrinking – pool of qualified driver applicants. Companies that continue to expect to fill commercial driver needs from this pool are facing diminishing returns. Even offerings such as tuition reimbursement have lost their attraction to many. Most people considering a career in trucking need some form of financial sponsorship or assistance.

SAGE’s customers realize that there is a better way. SAGE CDL training for trucking companies and fleets invests in people and delivers results. SAGE works with companies to design programs that are configured to make the customer more competitive and attractive to entry-level drivers.

We know that when a SAGE customer invests in driver training, the customer expects results. SAGE has a solution that’s right for you, your drivers and your company.

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