How to prepare for taking your CDL Permit Test

How to prepare for taking your CDL Permit Test

If you’re planning on getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL) you first need a commercial learner’s permit (CLP).  Obtaining your permit gives you the ability to practice driving on public roadways, provided you are accompanied by a licensed CDL holder with the same class (A, B, C).

In order to get your permit, you must pass the permit test.  Each state has its own minimum standards for the licensing of commercial drivers, and they differ from state to state.  That being said, there are a few requirements that all states mandate.  The 3 main ones are Combination Vehicles, Air Brakes and General Knowledge.  The largest section of the three is General Knowledge.

Today, almost everyone has a smart phone, tablet, or laptop with access to the internet.  At SAGE, we offer online training and permit prep for free through Pro Driver U.  You do not have to be enrolled to take advantage of all that Pro Driver U has to offer.  For starters, it gives you the flexibility of learning as much as you can, and testing yourself at your own pace, on your own time frame.

Once you’ve had some time to study and learn the information, you’ll have to pass a multiple-choice test.  Being well prepared BEFORE you go in is not only good practice in life, but it should help reduce some of the jitters.

The best way to prepare yourself is simply to know the material.  Virtually everything you need to know can be found on Pro Driver U.  We suggest taking advantage of it and quizzing yourself repeatedly until your results are consistent and your scores are high.  Remember the old saying, practice makes perfect.

If you have questions or would like some additional guidance about how to best prepare for your CDL Permit Test, feel free to reach out to a SAGE school location that best suits you.  The staff there will be happy to assist you.

Going through our full CDL training program will give you the knowledge and skills needed to become a truck driver, but there is so much you can do on your own first.  Learning as much as you can before you enroll will definitely be to your advantage.  In today’s busy world, the ability to study and learn at any hour of the day or night can be a real advantage.

If you would like more information about our CDL Training Programs, class schedules, locations, etc. we suggest reaching out to the school nearest to you.  You can find a full list of our school locations at

What specific topics are covered in the General Knowledge section of the CDL Permit Test?

  • The General Knowledge section typically covers a wide range of topics necessary for safely operating a commercial vehicle. These topics often include basic vehicle operation, inspection and maintenance procedures, basic control of your vehicle, and how to ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road. It also encompasses regulations, such as hours of service, and handling hazardous materials, if applicable to the CDL class being applied for. For the most accurate and comprehensive list of topics, candidates are encouraged to review the official CDL manual provided by their state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV) or equivalent agency.

How long does it typically take to prepare for the CDL Permit Test using Pro Driver U?

  • The preparation time for the CDL Permit Test can vary significantly depending on the individual’s background knowledge, learning speed, and the amount of time they can dedicate to studying each day. Generally, a few weeks to a couple of months of regular study is recommended for most people to feel comfortable and achieve a high level of readiness for the test. Pro Driver U is designed to accommodate different learning paces, so users can take as much or as little time as they need to feel prepared. Engaging with the material daily and taking regular practice tests can help shorten preparation time.

Are there any fees associated with taking the CDL Permit Test, and do these fees vary by state?

  • Yes, there are typically fees associated with taking the CDL Permit Test, and these fees can vary by state. The cost may include the application fee for the permit, the test fee, and potentially additional fees for background checks or endorsements. These fees are set by each state’s DMV or equivalent agency and can change, so it’s important to check with the local agency for the most current fee structure. Additionally, some states may charge a separate fee for the issuance of the CLP (Commercial Learner’s Permit) once the test is passed.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on the data available as of its writing and is meant to inform and guide prospective CDL trainees. For the most current information and specifics about CDL training programs, please contact SAGE Truck Driving Schools directly.