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SAGE offers a wide variety of truck driving and CDL training programs across the country to meet the needs of new drivers and employers. SAGE’s basic CDL training programs are designed based upon the entry-level driver training (ELDT) standards set by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  The programs are continually improved and updated by the schools’ program advisory committee, comprised of a broad base of the trucking industry.

Online CDL training resources are available for SAGE students through ProdriverU as an option to help improve the learning experience and reduce personal contact.  ProdriverU is designed to help students learn all of the Federal ELDT theory training topics.  Once completed, an ELDT completion document may be issued for your records.   An 80% grade is required by FMCSA to complete the theory ELDT course.

Not all CDL training programs are available at every location, and training programs may vary based on state requirements or partner school policies. General CDL training program descriptions are provided below.

SAGE Truck Driving Programs:

Comprehensive Tractor-Trailer Driver Training:

SAGE’s “flagship” training programs offer a comprehensive curriculum that provides the student with the substantial knowledge and practical skills necessary to become an entry-level over-the-road truck driver.  The training programs consist of 150-160 hours of instruction conducted over 4-5 weeks.  These new driver training programs are designed for inexperienced students.  They are appropriate for those drivers with no prior knowledge or experience in truck driving interested in getting a Class A CDL License and a good truck driving job.  This is our most popular type of program! 

Commercial Driver’s License Essentials:

The “Essentials” training format is to provide students with essential knowledge and practical skills necessary to be qualified as an entry-level, supervised over-the-road or in-town driver of tractor-trailers, heavy duty trucks, dump trucks, and medium-sized delivery trucks. This type of program is designed to provide tractor-trailer driving fundamentals to students who have minimal or no truck driving experience. The program includes classroom instruction, hands-on labs and independent study labs, and substantial behind-the-wheel driving time on a practice range and public roads.

Advanced Class A CDL Training:

Appropriate for students who have some truck driving experience or training, but will not meet the standards required for a truck driving job. This “Advanced” program consists of 80 hours of instruction (30 driving hours) conducted over 2-3 weeks.  The training provides the student with basic knowledge and fundamental skills necessary to become an entry-level over-the-road or in-town truck driver.

Truck Driver Refresher Training:

This “Refresher” programs provide sufficient knowledge and skills to applicants with some prior experience to enable them to pass the written and practical portions of the CDL examination. The program also provides an excellent opportunity for those who have their CDL, but need to improve driving skills through focused, hands-on driver training. The concentrated program consists of 40 hours of instruction (20 driving hours) conducted over 1-2 weeks.


Straight Truck Class B Driver

Designed for those students who wish to obtain a Class B CDL license for “straight trucks,” including delivery trucks, dump trucks, water trucks, waste trucks and concrete mixers. The program includes preparation for the CDL tests, and basic skills instruction completed in 40 hours. Not available at all schools.

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