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As Alex sat amidst the hum of his outdated factory machinery, he couldn’t help but dream of open roads and the hum of a powerful truck engine. A desire for freedom, coupled with the need for a stable and rewarding career, echoed in his mind. It wasn't just about him, but the bright future he envisaged for his family. In this pivotal moment, a spark was ignited - a journey towards obtaining his CDL Class B training in the United States was about to commence.

This wasn’t a journey to be taken lightly, nor a decision to be made in haste. The open road called for skill, safety, and expertise. Enter our Institution, a beacon of professional coaching with a legacy spanning over 30 years, illuminating the path for aspiring drivers like Alex across the nation. Every mile covered and every turn taken is steeped in the wisdom and experience that only three decades of professional training can endow.

In a country as vast and diverse as the United States, our academy stands distinguished, not just for its longevity but for a bespoke approach to coaching. Here, each aspiring driver is a unique journey, a distinct story, and a testament to our academy unwavering commitment to individual growth, safety, and expertise. With hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel and eyes set on the endless horizon, Alex wasn’t just a student - he was a testament to a legacy of excellence, a narrative of empowerment, and a future alumni making his mark on the American highways.

Join us at our Institution, and step into a world where learning is tailored, where expertise meets compassion, and where every truck driving aspirant is given the tools to turn their professional dreams into reality. Your journey to becoming the driver the world needs begins here and now.

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Class A

Comprehensive Tractor-Trailer Driver Training

Our institution flagship coaching programs offer a comprehensive curriculum that provides students with the substantial knowledge and practical skills necessary to become entry-level, over-the-road truck drivers. The teaching programs consist of 150-160 hours of instruction conducted over 4-5 weeks. Based on ELDT standards, the comprehensive coaching program teaches new drivers the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the trucking industry. These new driver coaching programs are designed for inexperienced students. They are appropriate for those drivers interested in getting a Class A CDL and a good truck driving job with no prior knowledge or experience in truck driving. This is our most popular type of program!

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Class A, B, or B to A

Commercial Driver’s License Essentials

The “Essentials” training format is to provide students with essential knowledge and practical skills necessary to be qualified as an entry-level, supervised, over-the-road or in-town driver of tractor-trailers, heavy duty trucks, dump trucks, and medium-sized delivery trucks. This type of program is designed to provide tractor-trailer driving fundamentals to students who have minimal or no truck driving experience. The program includes classroom instruction, hands-on labs and independent study labs, and substantial behind-the-wheel driving time on a practice range and public roads.

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Truck Driver Refresher Training

This “Refresher” program provides sufficient knowledge and skills to applicants with some prior experience to enable them to pass the written and practical portions of the commercial driver's license examination. The program also provides an excellent opportunity for those who have their commercial driver's license but need to improve driving skills through focused, hands-on driver training. The concentrated program consists of 40 hours of instruction (20 driving hours) conducted over 1-2 weeks.

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Class B

Straight Truck Class B Driver

This program is designed for those students who wish to obtain a Class B license for “straight trucks,” including delivery trucks, dump trucks, water trucks, waste trucks and concrete mixers. The program includes preparation for the tests and basic skills instruction completed in 40 hours. Not available at all schools.

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Navigating the journey to becoming a professional driver is akin to embarking on an open road – each turn, each mile covered, brings its unique challenges and learning curves. It was in the midst of this journey that the ethos of our academy was revealed to me – a sanctuary where individual journeys are honored, where each student is a world of potentials yet unlocked.

“One student at a time,” they said. It wasn’t just a slogan but a lived experience, a tangible touch in every lesson I had. With our Institution, the open road wasn’t a theater of spectators; it was a classroom of personal interaction, a space where my unique challenges and strengths were acknowledged and attended to. Every question I posed echoed not in a crowded room, but was received and responded to by a dedicated instructor, committed to my learning and growth.

My journey through the lanes and highways wasn’t marked by the spectating eyes of fellow students. Instead, each maneuver, each turn was a dance between me, the truck, and an instructor whose gaze was fixed on empowering me to be the safest and most knowledgeable driver I could be. This individualized approach wasn’t an accident but a testament to over three decades of our Institution unyielding commitment to quality and excellence.

It was more than just a training; it was an odyssey of personal growth, marked by individual attention. Every feedback, every instruction was tailored - crafted with precision to fit my unique learning curve. In those moments of one-on-one on-the-road instructions, a driver wasn’t just being trained; a narrative of safety, skill, and expertise was being woven.

As I reflect on my journey with this academy, I am not just a testimony of a training program. I am a chapter in a legacy where each student is a narrative, a unique odyssey of becoming the epitome of safety and expertise on the open roads. This isn’t just the Institution mission; it’s a lived experience, a commitment that has stood the test of time, and continues to pave the way for every aspiring professional driver stepping into the world of commercial driving.

Unmatched CDL Class B Training Value

In the bustling world of commercial driving training, there's a name that stands not just for excellence, but for a unique, unwavering commitment to individual growth and mastery. Amidst the clamor of mass training programs, Our Institution is a tranquil sanctuary where quality reigns over quantity, where every aspiring driver is not just another face in the crowd, but a unique entity deserving personalized attention and focus.

The academy embodies a philosophy that's as pragmatic as it is profound – the belief that mastery isn’t forged in crowded classrooms or generalized programs. Instead, it blossoms in the nuanced, focused environs of personalized training, where every question is heard, every challenge is addressed, and every victory is celebrated.

Safety and skills aren’t just curriculum segments at our Institution, they are the very essence of the training experience. Here, safety is not taught; it's instilled, woven into the very fabric of the learning journey. Skills aren’t just imparted; they are crafted, honed to perfection to match the unique learning curve and aspirations of each student.

As someone who has walked this journey, every mile covered, every skill acquired, was a testament to our Institution unmatched commitment to offering more than just training, but an experience marked by quality, safety, and individual mastery. Every lesson was a stepping stone, not just towards obtaining the CDL Class B but towards becoming a custodian of safety and excellence on the open roads.

And now, a golden opportunity beckons – an invitation to step into a world where your journey to becoming a professional driver is not just a training schedule but a personalized experience, crafted with utmost precision to unleash your fullest potentials. Come, step into our academy, and let your journey of mastery, safety, and excellence unfold, one personalized lesson at a time. Your odyssey of unmatched value, skill, and safety awaits.

Finding the Best Class B CDL Training Near You

There's something profoundly empowering about embarking on a journey that not only elevates your career but also transforms you into a sentinel of safety and excellence on the roads. Thousands of aspiring drivers, spread like stars across the American skies, have found this transformation in our Institution, where the art and science of commercial driving are imparted with a personalized touch.

From the golden coasts of California to the vibrant heart of New York, stories of mastery and safety echo, each a testament to our academy unwavering commitment to individualized training. “At this academy, I was not just another student. Every lesson, every feedback was tailor-made to fit my unique learning pace and style,” shares Michael from Texas, his voice echoing the sentiments of thousands who have walked the hallowed halls of the Institution.

In the world of professional driving, where safety and skill are the twin pillars that uphold the sanctity of lives and goods, Our academy stands as a guardian of these sacred tenets. A journey here isn’t merely about obtaining a CDL Class B; it’s about becoming a part of an esteemed legacy of drivers who are not just skilled but are custodians of safety and excellence.

Now, the road beckons, an open invitation to step into a world where your aspirations, safety, and skills are honed to perfection. Every city, every state houses a sanctuary of learning where our academy ethos lives. Find the nearest Institution center and step into a journey, not just of professional training but of personal transformation, meticulously crafted, just for you. The road to mastery is not a distant star; it’s right here, at our academy, waiting to unfold your story of excellence.

Addressing Your Challenges in CDL Class B Training

a truck driver working and traveling after getting Class B CDL training

Every aspiring CDL Class B driver faces a unique set of challenges. The roadmap to mastering the art and science of professional driving is marked with questions, uncertainties, and hurdles. Our academy understands this journey, and more importantly, has crafted a training experience that addresses each challenge with precision, empathy, and expertise.

In academy, the learning curve isn’t a generalized trajectory; it’s a personalized pathway where every question is significant, every concern is addressed with utmost attention. In the intricate dance of maneuvering the wheels, shifting gears, and mastering the roads, you're not alone. A dedicated instructor, with a wealth of experience and knowledge, is your companion, guiding, teaching, and supporting every step of the way.

One-on-one training at our academy isn’t a luxury; it’s a standard. It is the embodiment of our unwavering commitment to transform every student into a beacon of safety and excellence on the roads. Your individual needs, pace, and potential shape the training experience, ensuring that every lesson, every feedback is not just heard but is tailored to propel you towards mastery.

Are you ready to transform your challenges into stepping stones towards becoming a professional driver marked by skill, safety, and excellence? Our Institution awaits, with arms wide open, ready to craft a training journey where your aspirations and potentials are the central focus. Reach out to us. Let’s explore, together, a personalized training experience where every challenge is addressed, and every potential is unleashed. Your journey of mastery, skill, and safety is not a dream; with pur academy, it’s a tangible, achievable reality.

FAQ Section

Our Academy hallmark is the amalgamation of personalized one-on-one instruction, a comprehensive and evolving curriculum, and the wisdom gleaned from over 30 years in the industry. Each student experiences a tailored journey, guided by seasoned instructors, ensuring that the training isn’t just about passing exams but mastering the art and ethics of professional driving.

Absolutely. At our academy, we believe every student is a unique entity with distinct learning needs. Our approach is deeply rooted in providing tailored, one-on-one training. This ethos ensures that each lesson, each piece of feedback, is custom-fitted to your learning style, pace, and potential, transforming challenges into milestones of learning and mastery.

Our academy isn’t just a training school but a legacy of excellence, safety, and personalized mastery. Our nationwide reputation is built on an unwavering commitment to individual focus – every student is a world, a distinct journey. With our institution, you're not stepping into a generic training program but embarking on a personalized odyssey crafted to unveil your utmost potential in professional driving. The echoes of thousands of success stories nationwide bear testament to the unmatched experience.

As we journey through the various crossroads of opportunities and choices that define our paths, the decision to embark upon a career in professional driving is pivotal. It’s not merely about acquiring a skill but becoming a part of a fraternity marked by safety, excellence, and professionalism. In this realm, our insitution stands not just as a training institution but as a legacy—a sanctuary where quality, safety, and personalized attention are the cardinal pillars.

The echo of one-on-one personalized training, the unwavering commitment to safety and skill, and the resilience of over three decades of excellence, distinguish our Institution as a haven where aspiring drivers are transformed into skilled, confident, and safe professionals. Every lesson, every feedback, every milestone achieved at our institution is a harmonious blend of individual focus, personalized attention, and the cherished wisdom of years.

The open roads await, not just for the skillful hands to maneuver the wheels but for the masters of safety and excellence, crafted and honed at our academy. Now, the pivotal moment is upon you—a golden opportunity to step into a world where your journey to becoming a professional driver is not a generic experience but a personalized odyssey.

So, we extend an invitation, warm and personal, for you to take the next decisive step in your career. Join the esteemed legacy of our academy, where every student is a unique narrative, every journey a testament to unmatched value and excellence. Your pathway to mastering the art and ethics of professional driving, marked by individualized attention and superior quality, begins here. Welcome to our academy — where your odyssey of mastery, safety, and excellence awaits.


A million thanks to all the CDL instructors for being on top of their craft and passing that knowledge on to me, so that I may go on in becoming a Professional Truck Driver. I want to tell everyone considering going to a CDL training school to go to this institution. For many reasons, the location, the equipment, but mainly the instructors give you the 1 on 1 training you will need to achieve your goals. Live in the present and go for it! If I can do it, so can you. Trust the process! Do it.

- Rose H

I had the incredible privilege of attending to the academy where I had the opportunity to learn from a team of exceptional professors, with Jeff being one of them. I cannot be more happy for choosing this school. The dedication and commitment displayed by the professors are truly remarkable, and their efforts in shaping us into professional truck drivers were outstanding.

- Juan Mella

Hello everyone. I am very proud of the achievements that I was able to obtained with this academy At LCTI. I truly recommend this school to everyone who would like to get their CDL. They have the very best instructors. And they teach you the proper way for you to succeed when you go out in the road. The academy AT LCTI YOU ALL ROCK.

- Nehemias Gonzalez

Tim and everyone at this academy were very upfront, very thorough and so easy to get along with. I was behind the wheel training a week after my initial phone call. No hassle! No misleading information! And very easy to get along with. They are in direct contact with fmcsa and update your information very promptly. The trainer’s and testers are very down to earth. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! And the prices are very reasonable as well as no hidden fees ! Thank you to everyone!

- Ray Webber