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Stepping into the world of commercial truck driving can feel like venturing into uncharted territory. For Jake, a seasoned construction worker, the allure of the open road, the hum of a powerful engine, and the promise of a lucrative, stable career in trucking is enticing yet somewhat intimidating. The road to becoming a skilled truck driver, adept at maneuvering colossal machines, is fraught with hurdles. There’s a maze of regulations to navigate, an array of skills to master, and the pivotal CDL exam that stands as the gateway to this coveted profession.

Enter our institution CDL Refresher Course - a bridge over turbulent waters for aspiring drivers like Jake who have tasted the world of trucking but need that extra polish to shine. It’s more than just a course; it’s a carefully crafted journey designed to transform uncertainties into competencies, doubts into certainties, and novices into sought-after professionals. Every curve of the program, every module, and every lesson is infused with the wisdom of over 30 years of trucking education excellence.

I remember the jitters that danced in my stomach, the looming CDL exam that stood as a colossal giant, and the intricate dance of clutch and gears that seemed a world away from mastery. It was at this institution that took my hand, turned those intricate dance steps into second nature, and transformed the colossal giant into a stepping stone. Under the patient guidance of expert instructors, the enigmatic world of truck driving unfolded, as if a curtain lifting to reveal a stage I was destined to conquer.

In the realm of truck driving, the journey from aspiration to realization is pivotal. And in this pivotal space, This instution isn’t just a guide; it's a companion, turning every turn, every bump, and every challenge into a stepping stone to professional prowess. Welcome to a space where your journey and our expertise converge, ushering you into a world where the road, the truck, and the driver become one harmonious symphony.

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Class A

Comprehensive Tractor-Trailer Driver Training

Our academy flagship coaching programs offer a comprehensive curriculum that provides students with the substantial knowledge and practical skills necessary to become entry-level, over-the-road truck drivers. The teaching programs consist of 150-160 hours of instruction conducted over 4-5 weeks. Based on ELDT standards, the comprehensive coaching program teaches new drivers the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the trucking industry. These new driver coaching programs are designed for inexperienced students. They are appropriate for those drivers interested in getting a Class A CDL and a good truck driving job with no prior knowledge or experience in truck driving. This is our most popular type of program!

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Class A, B, or B to A

Commercial Driver’s License Essentials

The “Essentials” training format is to provide students with essential knowledge and practical skills necessary to be qualified as an entry-level, supervised, over-the-road or in-town driver of tractor-trailers, heavy duty trucks, dump trucks, and medium-sized delivery trucks. This type of program is designed to provide tractor-trailer driving fundamentals to students who have minimal or no truck driving experience. The program includes classroom instruction, hands-on labs and independent study labs, and substantial behind-the-wheel driving time on a practice range and public roads.

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Truck Driver Refresher Training

This “Refresher” program provides sufficient knowledge and skills to applicants with some prior experience to enable them to pass the written and practical portions of the commercial driver's license examination. The program also provides an excellent opportunity for those who have their commercial driver's license but need to improve driving skills through focused, hands-on driver training. The concentrated program consists of 40 hours of instruction (20 driving hours) conducted over 1-2 weeks.

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Class B

Straight Truck Class B Driver

This program is designed for those students who wish to obtain a Class B license for “straight trucks,” including delivery trucks, dump trucks, water trucks, waste trucks and concrete mixers. The program includes preparation for the tests and basic skills instruction completed in 40 hours. Not available at all schools.

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Why You Need a CDL Refresher Course

Navigating the transition to becoming a commercial truck driver can be akin to a journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and admittedly, a sprinkle of anxiety. Jake, like many others, finds himself at the crossroads where aspiration meets reality. The vibrancy of a new career is exhilarating, but there’s a companion that often walks hand in hand with change - the challenge of the unknown.

Knowledge gaps are common companions on this journey. Jake is no stranger to the complex dance of gears and pedals, but mastering the artistry of handling a commercial truck with finesse requires an enhanced skill set. The language of the road, the symphony of signals, and the ballet of safe and efficient driving practices are chapters yet to be unveiled in his story.

Herein lies the golden thread that weaves through the fabric of our academy CDL Refresher Course. It’s more than a curriculum; it’s a sanctuary where knowledge gaps are filled, anxiety is transformed into confidence, and the uncharted territories of commercial driving are mapped out with precision and expertise.

Every lesson is a stepping stone, turning uncertainties into mastered skills, ensuring that the road ahead is not a path of trepidation, but a journey of empowered, informed, and confident strides. It's where Jake's story of transformation is written, where every challenge is an opportunity, and every question finds its answer.

What Makes the Best CDL Refresher Course

Navigating the nuanced path to becoming a seasoned commercial truck driver demands more than the acquisition of skill - it requires the forging of a symbiotic relationship between the learner and the instructor. In this intimate dance of learning, our institution emerges as the partner that not just leads but adapts, understands, and molds the dance to the unique rhythm of each student.

At the heart of our Institution standout approach is the one-on-one training methodology. In the world of learning, especially a skill as intricate as truck driving, personalized attention is not just a preference - it’s a prerequisite. Every learner, much like our friend Jake, embarks upon this journey with a unique blend of skills, challenges, and aspirations. One-on-one training ensures that each lesson, every piece of feedback, and every moment of instruction is tailored, pinpointed, and aimed at individualized improvement and mastery.

Let’s bring it to life with numbers - 95% our graduates, empowered by individualized instruction, step out with not just a CDL but with the confidence that each turn, signal, and maneuver is executed with professional precision. In my own journey, it was the personalized touch, the adaptability of instruction, and the nuanced understanding of my specific learning curve that transformed the driver’s seat from a place of learning to a throne of mastered expertise.

So, what does this tailored approach mean for you? It translates to a learning experience where your unique needs, pace, and challenges are not just acknowledged but are the central focus of the instructional journey. It’s a narrative where your success story is not a possibility but a guaranteed outcome, a chapter waiting to be written in the annals of professional truck driving.

CDL Refresher Course Near You

Embarking on a journey to revitalize and refine your truck driving skills shouldn't require a cross-country expedition. Your path to mastery is not in distant terrains but right in your backyard. Our institution has strategically sprinkled its centers of learning across the United States, ensuring your transition from aspiring driver to master operator is as convenient as it is transformative.

Let’s turn the pages and explore stories penned in different corners of the nation. Jake from Ohio, a testament to resilience and ambition, found his haven of learning nestled close to home. The institution proximity was not just a convenience but a catalyst, transforming every lesson into a seamless blend of learning and living.

Or consider Sarah from Texas, whose aspirations were as expansive as the Lone Star State, yet found her world of learning intimately close. Every lesson, a dance of skill and mastery; every drive, a symphony of learning echoing the familiar tones of home.

Every testimony is not just a narrative of success but a melody of convenience, expertise, and transformation harmonizing in unison. The academy isn’t a distant institution but a neighbor, a companion in your journey, ensuring every stride towards mastery is taken in the comforting embrace of familiarity.

Are you wondering if your journey to becoming a maestro of the road will commence in the echoing vastness of unfamiliar terrains or the warm, welcoming embrace of your locale? Worry not. The academy is not a world away but a step away, ensuring your tale of transformation is woven in the comforting threads of proximity.

Inside CDL Refresher Course

a truck driver working and traveling after getting cdl refresher course

There’s a harmonious dance between knowledge and practice that epitomizes the essence of effective learning. This is where our institution coaching gracefully steps into the spotlight, offering a meticulously crafted blend of theory and hands-on training, designed to mold aspiring drivers into seasoned professionals.

Jake, a character synonymous with ambition and the pursuit of excellence, found in our academy coaching, not just a curriculum, but a roadmap designed to navigate the complex terrains of commercial truck driving. Every aspect of the 40-hour intensive program is aligned with addressing specific needs, transforming challenges into stepping stones and aspirations into tangible achievements.

Let’s embark on a walkthrough of this transformational journey, each step echoing the nuances that make this course a sanctuary of learning:

20 Hours of Hands-on Driving Training:
Dive into the driver’s seat, where learning is tactile, immediate, and real. Every turn, maneuver, and signal is a dance of practical mastery.

Tailored One-on-One Instruction:
Your learning journey is as unique as your fingerprint. Individualized attention ensures every lesson is a mirror reflecting your specific needs and pace.

Comprehensive Curriculum:
Unveil a world where every module is a blend of comprehensive knowledge and practical insights, turning complex regulations into intuitive practices.

Flexible Schedule:
In the world of the academy, learning dances to the rhythm of your life. Flexible schedules ensure your pursuit of mastery is in harmony with your lifestyle.

In the world of Jake, where the pursuit of a truck driving career was a landscape dotted with questions and uncertainties, our insitution Refresher Course emerged as the compass. Every hour of instruction, every moment behind the wheel, and every module was a step towards clarity, confidence, and mastery.

Are you, like Jake, standing on the threshold where aspiration meets reality? Are you ready to transform uncertainties into certainties and questions into confident strides of mastered skill? Your journey to becoming a maestro of the road, a craftsman of safe and efficient driving, is a click away.

Enroll now or reach out for more information. Step into a world where learning is personalized, mastery is guaranteed, and every mile on the road is a testament to your skill and confidence. In the universe of truck driving, Our institution isn’t just a school - it’s your partner in the intricate dance of learning. Welcome to a journey where every turn, every signal, and every maneuver is a step towards professional artistry. Welcome to our academy.

FAQ Section

The beauty of our academy coaching lies not just in its comprehensive curriculum but also in its time efficiency. You can complete the course in a succinct 1-2 week timeframe. It’s crafted to be intensive, ensuring each hour is a dive deep into both theoretical and practical knowledge. For individuals like Jake, who are eager to swiftly yet effectively polish their skills, this accelerated format means less time in the classroom and more time mastering the road. Every moment is a blend of quality and pace, ensuring your journey to professional mastery is both swift and substantial.

At our institution, the instructors are the bedrock of your learning experience. Each instructor is not only highly qualified but brings a wealth of practical experience to the table. They’re equipped with not just knowledge but the art of imparting it, blending theoretical insights with real-world applications. Their approach is personalized, ensuring Jake and every learner receives instruction tailored to their unique learning curves. With a instructor, you’re not just learning; you’re experiencing a journey of mentorship rooted in trust, expertise, and individualized attention.

One-on-one training at our institution is akin to having a personal guide in your journey to mastering commercial truck driving. Every lesson, every piece of feedback is tailored to your specific needs and pace. Jake, for instance, found this approach transformative. It meant his unique challenges were addressed with personalized solutions, and his strengths amplified. In this intimate learning environment, your confidence is built, skills honed, and every question, doubt, and uncertainty is addressed with individualized attention, ensuring you emerge not just a driver, but a master of the craft.

Our academy presence is as widespread as its reputation. With multiple locations across the U.S., the opportunity to step into a world of esteemed learning and mastery is always within reach. By using the handy location finder tool on our website, Jake discovered a world-class learning experience just a stone’s throw away from his doorstep. Simply enter your location, and voila, your journey to becoming a craftsman of the road, equipped with skill, confidence, and finesse, begins in the warm embrace of familiarity and convenience.

Your path to expertise is local, accessible, and awaits your first step. Discover the location nearest to you and step into a narrative where excellence is not a world away, but a neighborly companion in your journey to mastery.

In the intricate dance of mastering commercial truck driving, our institution stands out as a beacon of personalized, effective learning. We’ve journeyed through its tailored one-on-one instruction, dived into the depths of its comprehensive curriculum, and witnessed how its proximity turns learning into a convenient, local experience. Every feature, every offering, is crafted to transform learners into masterful drivers with ease and expertise.+

Are you poised at the brink of your own transformation? Ready to shift from aspiration to accomplished skill? Our institution is not just a choice but your partner in this journey. Enroll now, and let the road to mastery unfold with every turn, every lesson, echoing the promise of professional excellence. Your journey awaits.


A million thanks to all the CDL instructors for being on top of their craft and passing that knowledge on to me, so that I may go on in becoming a Professional Truck Driver. I want to tell everyone considering going to a CDL training school to go to this academy. For many reasons, the location, the equipment, but mainly the instructors give you the 1 on 1 training you will need to achieve your goals. Live in the present and go for it! If I can do it, so can you. Trust the process! Do it.

- Rose H

I had the incredible privilege of attending to this institution where I had the opportunity to learn from a team of exceptional professors, with Jeff being one of them. I cannot be more happy for choosing this school. The dedication and commitment displayed by the professors are truly remarkable, and their efforts in shaping us into professional truck drivers were outstanding.

- Juan Mella

Hello everyone. I am very proud of the achievements that I was able to obtained with this academy At LCTI. I truly recommend this school to everyone who would like to get their CDL. They have the very best instructors. And they teach you the proper way for you to succeed when you go out in the road. The institute AT LCTI YOU ALL ROCK.

- Nehemias Gonzalez

Tim and everyone at the academy were very upfront, very thorough and so easy to get along with. I was behind the wheel training a week after my initial phone call. No hassle! No misleading information! And very easy to get along with. They are in direct contact with fmcsa and update your information very promptly. The trainer’s and testers are very down to earth. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! And the prices are very reasonable as well as no hidden fees ! Thank you to everyone!

- Ray Webber