Specialized Training for Oil Field Truck Drivers

With the oil extraction in the shale areas of Texas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, the demand for qualified oil field truck drivers has put pressure on oilfield services companies. Even as the price of oil fluctuates, oil field transportation companies want to prepare to gain the maximum potential business. This means being ready to meet demand with qualified truck drivers, which will become harder and harder to find.

Recent years have been very good for the U.S. oil and gas industry. While output has varied, exploration and production companies are producing higher amounts of oil and gas than ever before. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates the total U.S. oil production in barrels per day is projected to increase in 2015 and beyond.

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As growth in oil and gas production continues, transportation will become a critical part of the process. This demand largely stems from the fracking process that requires trucks to haul sand and water to and from well sites. With the continued expansion of oil shale extraction, more trucks will be necessary, creating a major operational issue. Simply put, oil field services companies will be “fighting for drivers” from the same pool.

SAGE has a solution. Because our schools are located in key oilfield states like Texas, Colorado, Wyoming and Pennsylvania, we have a long history of working with oilfield services companies to help fill driver shortage needs.

SAGE has offered oilfield company CDL training programs such as:

  • Marketing to attract potential oilfield drivers and help brand companies
  • Job fairs and joint advertising to screen and hire oilfield drivers
  • Class B to Class A upgrade training
  • Road tests and other evaluations
  • Veteran training programs for oilfield jobs
  • Defensive driving programs
  • Off-road driver training for oilfield environment
  • Post-accident evaluation and training
  • Specialized oilfield company CDL training
  • Class A CDL training at SAGE schools or customer locations
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