New Year, New Career: Is CDL Training the Answer?

New Year, New Career: Is CDL Training the Answer?

So, it’s 2020.  The start of a new year, and a new decade.  Feeling like it might be time for a change? Aside from the annual renewed commitment to the gym, losing a few pounds and reducing the stress in your life, maybe you’re debating a career change?  If so, the trucking industry might be for you.

First off, ask yourself what is it about your career that makes you want to change?  Is it your function? Are you an office worker that would like to get out of a cubicle and away from the computer? Are you looking for something potentially more rewarding?  Can’t stand your boss?  Or maybe it’s just about the money.  Any or all of these things can keep you up at night, wondering what options you even have.

At SAGE, we often see students who say they want to change all of these things. New function, new industry, new environment.  Most of the time, a completely new career involves a relatively long term commitment to a college degree or extensive apprenticeship.  In the trucking industry, you are required to pass your CDL test, but with SAGE, our flagship program takes less than 2 months, and you will be out on the road with great pay and benefits immediately afterwards.  We will help you from start to finish.  With CDL Permit Prep, all the way to your road test – SAGE Truck Driving School is dedicated to your success.

“Every year we help thousands of students make significant changes in their lives and careers with our hands on, comprehensive CDL Training” says SAGE President, Chris Thropp.  “For over 30 years we have been changing lives, and the industry has never been better for new CDL holders entering the workforce.”

Such a big change can be intimidating for many.  We have heard the stories time and again, but they all seem to end the same.  Hundreds of testimonials from our graduates pour in annually to thank us for helping them improve their lives.  “It’s what we do, and we love doing it” says Program Director Bev Van Valkenburg from our Tampa area school at Hillsborough Community College.  “It’s extremely rewarding to have our graduates come back and visit us in their company truck.  Many of them stay in touch with each other and their school.  They have a sense of pride with being part of the SAGE Family and enjoy sharing their success stories with our current students.”

“The amount of knowledge and experience shared by your staff in this field has been invaluable. It has also provided me the ability to feel confident in a tractor trailer truck, as well as to successfully obtain my CDL-A license along with both Tanker, and Hazmat endorsements.  Words cannot express my gratitude for all of your time, effort, and dedication.”  –  2019 Graduate, George A. Rusnak (Ft. Pierce, FL)

So, maybe a new career for a new year is exactly what you dream about, but you aren’t quite sure how to pull it off.  We recognize people have bills to pay, and that often means not having the ability to stop working to start school.  At SAGE we do everything we can to accommodate your needs.  Weekend and evening classes, financial assistance packages, etc.  We try to be as flexible as possible to help you achieve your goal of getting a CDL, while maintaining the highest standards in the industry.  SAGE has an impeccable reputation among carriers and trucking companies nationwide, and our graduates are valued accordingly.

What are the typical career paths available after obtaining a CDL?

After obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), there are several career paths available beyond just long-haul trucking. CDL holders can work as local delivery drivers, which often involves regular routes within a specific area, allowing them more home time. Other opportunities include operating as a bus driver for schools, private companies, or public transit systems. Specialized driving jobs are also an option, such as driving tankers, hazardous materials, or oversized loads, which often require additional endorsements but can lead to higher pay.

What are the physical and health requirements for maintaining a CDL?

To maintain a CDL, drivers must pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination every two years. This exam includes vision and hearing tests, blood pressure checks, and an assessment of the driver’s overall physical ability to ensure they can handle the physical demands of driving large vehicles. Additionally, drivers must not have any medical conditions that could impair their ability to drive safely, such as untreated sleep apnea or insulin-dependent diabetes without a special exemption.

How does the salary and benefits of a CDL holder compare to other industries?

The salary and benefits for CDL holders can vary widely based on the type of driving, the company, location, and experience. Generally, truck drivers can expect starting salaries that are competitive with many entry-level positions in other industries. Long-haul truckers, especially those with additional endorsements, can earn significantly more. Benefits often include health insurance, retirement plans, and paid vacation. Additionally, due to the high demand for drivers, many companies offer signing bonuses and performance-based bonuses to attract and retain drivers.

    Our staff is there to help answer questions and find solutions to get you started in a new career in trucking.  For more information,  locate the school closest to you and contact them directly.

    Grow you trucking career with us.