Amazon Partnership
CDL Training Program

SAGE is honored to collaborate with Amazon as one of our premier partners! We offer CDL training for Amazon employees who are eligible to use Career Choice vouchers. Having successfully trained thousands of drivers nationwide, we are proud to partner with Amazon to help their employees acquire the skills needed for a safe, successful, and fulfilling career as CDL drivers.

Amazon Career Choice Program

The Amazon Career Choice Program is an education benefit program designed to empower Amazon employees to learn new skills for career success. This program offers employees access to in-demand educational and skills training opportunities offered at over 600 schools in 14 countries.

Program Eligibility

Hourly Amazon employees who have been employed for at least 90 days must first register for CDL training here. Amazon employees will be prompted to select the school of choice on the map, preferred start date, and complete the registration process.

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Amazon CDL Training with SAGE

SAGE training programs offer a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet all FMCSA standards, and it provides the substantial knowledge and practical skills necessary to enter the trucking industry.

SAGE CDL training includes:
Classroom Learning — Students will gain an understanding of all theoretical aspects of driving, including traffic laws, safety regulations, and basic vehicle maintenance. Knowledge of these principles is essential for safe and responsible driving.

Behind-the-Wheel Training — Students receive practical driving experience through hands-on training by operating a commercial vehicle. Learn how to maneuver the truck, understand its controls, and practice driving in various, real-world situations.

Safety Training — With an emphasis on safety procedures and compliance with transportation laws, students will understand safety protocols, emergency procedures, and how to handle different weather and road conditions.

Exam Preparation — Students will have help with preparation for the license exam, including both written and practical driving tests.

Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver

The commercial vehicle industry is a vital part of the economy with the demand for skilled drivers remaining strong. According to the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook, the need for commercial drivers is projected to grow steadily with numerous job openings each year.

Truck driving can offer independence and an overall satisfying career. Below are a few benefits to starting a career in truck driving:

  • Competitive Salaries and Bonuses — Many companies offer sign-on bonuses, pay incentives for safety and performance, and have various benefits such as medical, dental and paid vacation time.
  • Modern Comforts — Commercial motor vehicles are becoming more equipped with advanced safety features, comfort amenities, and efficient communication systems.
  • Work-Life Balance — Dedicated runs and predictable schedules are increasingly offered to ensure drivers get regular home time.

Accessing Amazon Career Choice Program Benefits:

Once a start date and location has been identified, Amazon employees will need to log into their Career Choice account to initiate the voucher process as outlined below:

Login to: Amazon A to Z Login
Click: Explore Pathways
What is your field of study? Transportation
What is your career? Truck Driving
Where are you studying? Ancora Network

What Academic Program are you studying? Class A CDL + ELDT Training – USA
Enter: Start/End Date
Enter: Ancora Student ID
Enter: Confirmation Code 24TRU477
E-sign your release form and submit the payment request.

Call, text, or send an email to your SAGE liaison (Jourdan) to let her know your payment request has been submitted. Vouchers will be auto submitted on your behalf, and approval to proceed with class start should be received within 24-48 hours.

SAGE Point of Contact:

Jourdan D. Borden