Scholarship Application

Truck Driving Scholarship Application

Howes Lubricator is pleased to offer $1,000 Scholarships towards the tuition costs of attending select SAGE Truck Driving Schools. The Scholarships will be presented monthly from January to December. Each month, two or three scholarships will be awarded by SAGE to eligible and qualified candidates at specific SAGE schools. Standard SAGE admissions criteria apply in addition to any Scholarship criteria.

Click here to see the schedule of scholarships, locations and recipients.

Scholarships may be awarded to deserving applicants who demonstrate a financial need, a desire to excel in trucking as a career, and an acceptable background and qualifications.

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I agree all above information supplied is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I acknowledge that this scholarship will be awarded to the person considered most appropriate by Howes and SAGE, and I have no guarantee of the award or right to the scholarship. I agree that I intend to work in the trucking industry as a truck driver, and I will make a good faith effort to complete the SAGE CDL training program and accept a CDL driver position in trucking. Any scholarship, if awarded, will be paid directly to the SAGE school, and has no value other than as a deduction to SAGE tuition costs. I agree to be responsible for securing payment for all other costs of attending SAGE. I agree that in consideration for the scholarship, if awarded, I hereby irrevocably authorize SAGE and/or Howes to copyright and/or use my voice, name, picture or other likeness, for the purpose of advertising and marketing. I agree to have my photograph taken and published for purposes of promoting Howes products or SAGE services, and to provide a testimonial quote regarding the scholarship and the training.